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ProVa Mat Banding
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Product Detail
Unit Of Measure: 5"x27'
Price: $28.00
Extended Product Information
  • manufacturer: ProVa Mat
  • manufacturer: Indiana Floors LLC
  • madeinusa: Made In America!
  • collection: Tile Membrane
  • warranty: 25 Year Manufacture
  • ExtendedWarranty: 5 Year Indiana Floors (15 Year Total)
  • shipping: 7lbs
  • MinOrder: 1
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    ProVa Mat Banding

    Accessories for ProVa Mat Banding

    #ProductCategoryProduct IDProduct DescriptionUnitPriceCart
    1Prova Tile WaterproofingProvaMat Full Roll PriceProVa Mat Full Roll3.3'x81.5'=269 ft$350.00Add To Cart
    2ProVa Tile UncouplingProVa Flex Roll price $ 340.00ProVa Flex Roll Price3.3x81.5=269 ft$340.00Add To Cart
    3ProVa Tile Uncoupling ProVa Flex Sq Ft Price $1.35Tile underlaymentSq Ft Price$1.35Add To Cart
    4Prova Tile WaterproofingProVa Mat BandingProvaMat band5"x27'$28.00Add To Cart
    5Prova Tile WaterproofingProvaMat Sq Ft PriceProVa Mat Sq Ft PriceBy the Sq Ft Price$1.38Add To Cart