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Note From the Owner.....
Why buy From Us....._________________________________
Good day, I am Hugh Scott the owner of Indiana Floors LLC.com.
Today's enviroment offers so many choices when you decide to start the remodel of your home. Appliances,HVAC,Cabinets,Bathroom Fixtures to name a few....
Then we have Floors. The floors we offer on this site are all 1st Quality name brand floors with solid warranties and manufactures that have performed to highest degree available.
I have over 30 years experience as a second generation flooring install, 6 of those years as a Ecommerce Flooring Wholesaler. If I count my brother and dad it gives us a combined exp level of over 80 years in the trade.
We are the Mom & Pop shop you see on the corner, as matter fact we sit on four corners in four states.
We are family owned and operated.
I run two locations east of the Mississippi and my older brother runs the other two West of the Mississippi.
When you call us you will get a voice on the end of the phone that knows floors. If we do not have the answer we will find it.
If you have a lower price we will beat it!
If you call and the lines are busy, please leave a message we will get back with you.
The line is busy because I take every call personally and I am explaining an install or working with a client to close a sale.
I want every customer to feel the personal touch that is missing from sales nowdays.
We do not want the spin cycle customers get kicked into when they order from large corporations with lines of phone banks and order takers with no knowledge of the flooring you have choosen.
We are able to offer top notch install advice, color ideas.... or we can just act as a sounding board for your ideas.
Any floors you see for sale on this site means we are an Authorized Dealer for that flooring style. We do not sell products that we cannot get the best national pricing on, you cannot get national pricing if you are not a Authorized Dealer.
What to be aware of while shopping on the internet:
Sites without listed phones and addresses or only P.O. Boxes to contact them. What happens when you have a problem......
Sites that hide thier true identity.....There are many in this trade!
Sites without HTTPS in thier product pages, this means the site is unsecure.
Sites selling "Flooring Warranties", this is a fraudulent ploy to get more money from you, if you ever have a problem they will use the manufacture warranty you already get for free. If the manufacture warranty does not cover it, they will find a way to decline it.
Unless they are the manufacture, we manufacture many componets for our shower systems we can offer extended warranties on these items.
Sites that say they "Buy Direct"...... Nobody buys direct!
IE:The flooring manufacture's release the floors like Konecto to many different distributors that cover the USA and Canada. Each distributor has a footprint and they supply the floors to all the dealers in their "footprint".
There are buying clubs that also claim to "Buy Direct", not true and we can beat their prices on anything with no "buy in fee."
The exception to this rule is Shaw Industries & Karndean, they sell direct to the Wholesalers/Retailers.
There are few others but we do not sell thier products.
Sites that boast about their BBB rating:
The BBB is not what it use to be. With the right price paid to them you can alter your BBB rating to say what you want it to.
I remember when I was growing up and the BBB was still legit, but that was a long time ago. Some of the worst service sites on the internet rave about thier BBB rating.
I will not be a party to their hypocrisy nor will I be bullied into paying outrageous fees for false results. To keep our prices down on this site we must keep our cost down.
Honesty is the best policy, always has been and always will be... at least in my domain!

All this being said we want to let you know our site is secure, professional and authorized to sell what we do.
Please enjoy your time while you shop on the site and call us with any questions or concerns.
If you have any problems navigating the site, please call we can walk you through it.
You will find our address on the bottom of every page on the site.