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Carolindi Photography
Hello I am Hugh Scott the photographer for Carolindi Photos.I am also the website owner and operator.
In a world of constantly changing visual applications we can many times find a hidden spot of beauty.
We then share it with our friends and associates.
What you will see on this page is my perspective of beauty taken through the lense of a digital camera.
These prints are for sale and will be shipped to you unmatted and in a secured photo tube.
We accept refunds for damage incurred prior to shipping.
Signature and print number is available by request.
Each Photo comes with a Picture CD formatted up 3200x3200 DPI Resolution so you can design as you see fit.
All picture rights are reserved and it cannot be resold unless permission and royalties are given.
Click the picture to view an exact sample of what you will get in a Glossy 8"x 10".
Larger sizes are by special request.
The photos with CD are base priced at $45.00 each. This includes shipping and Handling.
Folly Beach SC

Fishing Pier SC

Walking Bridge

Moss Walk (CL)

Moss Walk(BW)

Bridge Out

Season's Awaiting (BW)

Season's Awaiting (CL)

Spanish Moss (BW)

Spanish Moss (CL)

Shells (CL)

Shells (BW)

Shellbed (CL)

Shellbed (BW)

The Web



Early Flight

Friday Morning

Super Nova


Follow Me

Follow Me (BW)





Lightshouse (BW)

The Long Walk

The pictures you see have been taken in South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky and a few other states.
The rich history of North and South Carolina adds a story to the photos from these areas.
The photos taken in Indiana offer an Americana view of the crossroads of the nation. There are more interstate hwys leding into Indianapolis than any other city in the midwest.