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Konecto Prestige Ash.
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Product Detail
Unit Of Measure: $0.49 4" x 4"
1 4" x 4" per
Min. Order Qty: 22
Min Order Amt: $10.78
Price: $0.49
Extended Product Information
  • manufacturer: Konecto
  • collection: Prestige
  • SamplePrice: Please Call 502-379-1009 prior to sample order to get reduced shipping price.
  • shipping: USPS 6-10 Business Days
  • MinOrder: 22
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    Konecto Prestige Mist. Priced by the Square ft.

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    Accessories for Konecto Prestige Ash.

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    1Schluter Ditra XLDitra-XL RollAdd To Cart To See Discount$315.00 Unit
    1 Unit per PR
    Min. Order Qty: 0 PR
    Min Order Amt: $0.00
    $315.00Add To Cart