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How to Install Ceramic Tile - Use Waterproofing Membranes - Use Uncoupling Membranes

Hello, I am Hugh Scott owner and founder of Indiana Floors LLC.
After incurring many questions regarding the correct method as applied to the installation of ceramic tile and all the preperation componets, I have decide to put my two cents into the mix.
I am certain there are other self proclaimed floor elves with less time in the trade and such that will would disagree or find error in my words.
So...let me build the background: I am a second generation flooring installer going on 30 yrs exp, with brothers & nephews (some I taught) and such currently in the trade, all four of my children work in the trade and our lives revolve around building and supplying ceramic tile preperations kits and underlayment.
If that is not enough background for you then you need more help than I can give.
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You can add the ledgerboard kit to your shower kit here if you need one: Click here to go to the instructional page
Full Application

48"x48"Ledger Board kit
4-48"-47" 1"x2" boards. $22.50

60-96"x48"Ledger Board kit
6-48"-47" 1"x2" boards. $29.50

24" Level

Sponges $1.95
Pr Sponge

Kerdi Shower Kit
I will add more info as I get requests for it, if you have an idea you think would help the masses, email me at hscott@Indianafloorsllc.com
Prepping your shower for ceramic tile was something that very few people did themselves a few short years ago.Prior to the introduction of kits with presloped trays and waterproofing membrane it was a Trade Only application.
However...... those of us in the trade realized we had been taught incorrectly based on what our mentors had been taught, some of us "Pros" adapted quickly while others still languish in the "ceramic tile darkages" or criticize those that have taken the leap into the light.

Even more have taken on a mentality that unmodified thinset applications are superior to modified thinsets.
Keep in mind; this is propaganda perpetrated by companies attempting to thwart warrantied failures or other issues. Modified thinset is superior in all was to unmodified thinset.Modified thinset does not even contain the "latex" that would impede drying when placed between two impervious surfaces.
Modified Thinsets contain Acrylics and Polymers that make it stronger,more flexible and less prone to degrading than unmodified thinsets.

Remember this while shopping or listening to so-called "pros" many of these "pros" installed it wrong for many years and caused thousands of dollars in damage to many homes, some of you are fixing the 'pros" errors, now that is whay you are buying a shower prep system.

You as the consumer (or installer)... look at the facts, do not ignore the laws of physics they will not change at our whim. Men can theorize but the facts are still the facts.
Stay tuned for the Uncoupling membrane blog.....Coming soon..
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