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ProVa-Flex Tile Underlayment

With ProVa-Flex we are not bound by any absurd attempt by the manufacture to fix the price, like Schluter Systems does.
Click here:"View my blog to see why we stopped selling Schluter" ProVa-Flex is a polypropylene uncoupling membrane sandwiched between a white polypropylene non woven fabric on the underside to maximize bonding to the suboor. It also has an interwoven polypropylene netting material (mesh) adhered to the top surface to provide mechanical bonding properties as well as enhancing the surface of contact with Modified mortars used.
ProVa-Flex forms an uncoupling, waterproofing, and vapor pressure equalization layer.
Designed for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations. The overlaying mesh provides a stronger bond than Ditra and does not require the purchase of Ditra XL ProvaFlex serves as an uncoupling layer for problematic substrates, a waterproofing membrane, and a vapor pressure equalization layer to accommodate moisture occurring at the underside of the substrate. To bond ProVa-Flex , use a Modified mortar that is appropriate for the substrate. Apply the Modified mortar using a 1/4" x 3/16" (6 mm x 4.5 mm) V-notched trowel. The anchoring polypropylene non woven fabric on the underside of ProVa-Flex must be fully engaged in the mortar to provide a mechanical bond to the substrate. Using the thin-bed method, set the tile covering directly on the ProvaFlex in such a way that the tile adhesive becomes mechanically anchored in the routered mesh covered cavities of the ProVa-Flex matting.
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ProVa-Flex Uncoupling Tile Membrane
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
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ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProVa-Flex by the SqFt $1.35
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProVa-Flex 269 Sq Ft roll $330.00
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProVa-Mat Waterproofing Membrane
Provamat Systems Dealer
ProVaMat by the Sq Ft $1.35
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment

ProVaBand 6"x27' Ft roll $28.00
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProVaMat 269 Sq Ft Roll$ $340.00
ProvoFlex The Ultimate Tile Underlayment
ProVa-Band can used to overlay the seams of the ProvaFlex to give you a waterproof floor.
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ProVa-Flex provides the same essential functions DITRA and DITRA_XL combined, no reason to purchase two different styles, ProVa-Mat provides the same exact functions of Kerdi.
We have have heard of too many complaints with the Ditra mat so we will not be selling it any more.
We cannot allow our customers to be affected long term by an German company that may not honor thier warranties.
The ProVa-Flex inherits the same principals of Ditra and the Ditra XL combined and it has a overlaying bonding mesh that gives the product greater stabilty. We are impressed with the ProVa-Flex as installers and find it be the better choice.
The ProVa Mat inherits the same principals as the Schluters Kerdi and is much Cheaper.
It is the premium water proofing membrane available, all inside corners and outside corners are availble as well as drains,tray etc.