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Quite Walk Underlayment

Size: 36" x 33.3 ft= 100 Sq Ft

We advise this under all Laminates and any Floating Engineered or Solid plank.
Our revolutionary "Quiet Walk®" laminate floor underlayment smoothes out little sub floor imperfections while quieting impact sound and floor to ceiling noise. Not only does it dampen ambient sound in the room it's installed in, but it also inhibits sound from traveling into the room below. Although it is promoted as an upgrade underlayment taking the place of poly foam, it doesn't carry a heavy upgrade price when compared to cork or rubber. On the other hand, in recent head-to-head Sound Transmission Loss tests, Quiet Walk® outperformed both cork and rubber in the majority of test band frequencies. Certified field sound tests were performed on an installation over a standard concrete sub floor, and received an FIIC score of "60". In addition to it's sound deadening benefits, the absorbing action of the synthetic fibers together with the attached vapor barrier provides superior moisture protection that is backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty. Another benefit is the increase in R-value to help keep floors warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Quiet Walk® is available in 100 square foot do-it-yourself size rolls

Specs:Materials Blended synthetic fibers. Polyethylene film. Inert hot-melt adhesive.
Weight: 20oz/sq yd (2.22oz/sq ft)
Thickness: 0.125”
Density: 13.3lbs/ft^3
R-Value: @ 0.125” = 0.52 hr-ft^2-degF/Btu (4.19/inch)
Flammability: Meets or exceeds Federal Flammability Standard: CPSC FF 1-70 (Pill Test)
Sound Transmission Loss: The sound-insulating property of a partition element is expressed in terms of the sound transmission loss. ASTME90-97, ASTM E413-87
Sound Transmission Class: (STC) = 54.
Impact Sound Transmission: The method is designed to measure the impact sound trans-mission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly in a controlled laboratory environment. ASTM E492-90, ASTM E989-89
Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 58.
Field Impact Insulation Class: Field conducted test using standard IIC methods. As tested over 8” post-tension concrete sub-floor with no ceiling assembly. (FIIC) = 60.
Physical Properties
Compression Resistance @ 25% - 9.5psi
Compression Resistance @ 30% - 16.6psi
Compression Resistance @ 50% - 85.5psi
Breaking Strength: Length72.1lbs Width100lbs
Compression Set @ 25% - 18.8%
Moisture Absorption: Approx. 650% by weight
Moisture Statement
QuietWalk® will absorb and allow dispersion throughout the product of water moisture in accumulations not exceeding one gallon per 24hrs per 300 square feet of product and/or allowed to continue to accumulate for more than 7 days. Actual in-house tests have shown results up to 5 times that amount.

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